Greetings to our mission co-workers in our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers and support for the missionary work of Mondulkiri, Cambodia, despite the difficult situation of Covid-19. 

By God's grace, we were able to continue face-to-face worship at Joshua Academy and Saen Monorom Church. 
Due to government sanctions, face-to-face worship could not be held at churches in mountain villages from late 2020 to 2021. From 2022 this year, government sanctions have been eased and children's face-to-face worship has resumed. 
1. Church Planting 
 Among the village churches, “Rav Soden” is the pastor for Bulung Church and “Toung Mab” is in charge of Dakdam Church, respectively. Sister “Theary”, who works as a nurse in the Ministry of Health, is in charge of the children’s ministry of Saen Monorom Church. Also, for each children's worship service, two “Joshua Academy” students are ministering in each village. Bu Lung Church Dak Dam Church Saen Mo
Previously, the missionaries in charge of Dak Dam Church and Bu Lung Church had gathered local children by truck and brought them to the chapel to help children worship. But now, there is no vehicle to bring the children, so only about 15 children are gathering for Sunday worship, which used to have more than 50 people. The villages are wide and long (5 kilometers in diameter), too far for children living at the end of the village to walk, so a vehicle is needed. Especially when it rains, there are some children who come to worship while soaking in the rain, but most of them give up walking to worship. To further revitalize children's worship, we need a vehicle with motorcycle with a cart behind. We need two of them, one for each town. One-unit costs around $2,000 USD.
2. Joshua Academy 
 Before Covid-19, the number of middle and high school students at “Joshua Academy”, which was over 40, has now decreased to around 20. When building a new school, the original plan was to combine the Cambodian public-school course with the international school course. However, when I recently reviewed the textbooks of public schools in detail, I found that the textbooks were too centered on Buddhist/Hinduism/Animism beliefs and false values.
The content was too far from Christian values, so I decided to focus on the international school course, excluding public school textbooks. When the course of “Joshua Academy” is differentiated from general public schools, we will be able to build up the young people of this land as soldiers of Christ. We ask for your continued interest and prayer so that the next generation of leaders who are well equipped with academic skills as well as faith training can be nurtured.
We need several Christian teachers, including the principal, to register with the Cambodian Ministry of Education, so we are praying and contacting them to secure a teacher workforce in Korea, the United States and Canada. 
School                                            Teachers (Missionaries) Needed      Qualification
Middle & High School                       Principal (1), Teachers (7)                  BA or BS
Elementary School                           Principal (1), Teachers (6)                  Some College
Education Kindergarten                    Director (1), Teachers (2)                   High School Diploma
3. Mission Alliance of Cambodia (MAC) 
During this October, in order to understand the situation of the Cambodia united mission among MAC members, I visited 12 missionary families in Phnom Penh (city), Kandal (province), and Sihanoukville (province). I have been serving as President of the Mission Alliance of Cambodia since 2007. We had time to pray together. One of the visiting days, Pastor Choi, the chairman of CEAI in Korea, and his companions came and had the joy of visiting the missionary field together. Since I was concentrating on ministry and conversation, most of the places didn't take pictures, so it's a pity.
What was more disappointing was that I should have visited each missionary earlier, but it was very regrettable that the opportunity to understand the situation of each missionary was delayed because I was concentrating on signing a memorandum of understanding with the Cambodian government. In the meantime, the infrastructure for united missions created by God has been further reborn as a platform for united missions. We pray with our hands together that we may have the fighting power and that we may all win together with Christ. 
Missionary Mikyung Yoon has created a website,, for the missionary work in Cambodia. There are still many things that need to be filled in, but please visit us to see the united missions in Cambodia and give us your advice and prayers.
@ Korea: KB Bank, 345201-04-066656, DIONYSIUS YOUNGWHA KIM
@ Korea: KEB Hanna Bank, 203-91004-12505, 사단법인 씨이에이아이 (Tax Deductable)
@ USA: Wells Fargo Bank, Routing # 121042882, Account # 1342452974, Asia Mission Alliance 
Thank you for you support and prayer. 
Dennis Kim

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